Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kamen Rider - Strange! BeeWoman!!

As, Kamen Rider is full of stand alone episodes, it really doesn't matter which episode I talk about first so this one seems as good as any to start with as I just finished seeing it!

This is a fun episode that features the first female antagonist monster in the series, a BeeWoman, and we're only 8 episodes in?! How progressive!

Episode starts out with a man preparing dinner for his daughter Sachiko. Like an idiot, she bolts in and steps on the man's glasses, WHOOPS! Instead of beating the child like many of you would do, he easily forgives her and they both set out to buy a new pair of glasses at the glasses store! You'd think everything is all fine after that, but when the glasses owner gives you a look that goes from this:

To this:

Then you know something bad is about to go down! And sure enough it does, as it turns out that those glasses that the employee gave him are mind-control glasses.

In a zombified state, the man quickly abandons his daughter in a park. The little girl panics and notifies the nearest adult who happens to be none other than Takeshi Hongo aka Kamen Rider! It's now up to Kamen Rider to find out who's responsible for the mysterious disappearances including little Sachiko's father. Spoilers: It's those Shocker bastards.

The monster of the week is BeeWoman. She's the one in charge of kidnappings, but just because she's a woman doesn't spare her from Kamen Rider's wrath. Oh no. Just like every other monster, she faces the RIDER KICK!

And for those that don't know. A Rider kick means you're dead.

Very fun episode. I'm looking forward to more.


  1. bee women are the leading cause of death among glasses shop owners

  2. Reminds me of the bitoman parody

    *gutteral vowels here*

    So, how exactly does it matter that she is a bee woman if there are mindcontrol glasses?

    Sort of.... Weird.

  4. It really doesn't matter at all! She's just in charge of the operation to kidnap all those people and turn them into shocker minions!

  5. I just found a Bee woman vinyl toy at the swap meet the other day!


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