Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kamen Rider - Murderer, GeckoGelas

So I guess it's Kamen Rider Thursday! That means we talk about Kamen Rider today! Ready for some more awesome tokusatsu action? I know I am! This is episode 12, and it's honestly not the best episode of Kamen Rider out there. As you might know, the actor for Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider has suffered a debilitating motorcycle injury and the makers of the show tried to make the show go on without him by using recycled footage, and a suit actor for the super hero scenes. It's not so noticeable in the past two episodes but in this episode it's REALLY BAD.

GeckoGelas about to shoot down an Airplane.
Episode starts off with a pair of scientist having perfected a dangerous weapon that suspiciously looks like a flashlight with red tinted glass. This heat ray can turn any living being into a skeleton in a few seconds. Due to the potency of this new weapon, the head scientist has a morality crisis and deems the world is not ready for such a device because if it were to fall into the wrong hands, well, let's just hope it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. So the weapon is destroyed, but the assistant successfully convinces him to keep the plans somewhere safe. Little did the head scientist know, his assistant was an undercover agent for SHOCKER! The great leader of shocker rewards the spy by transforming him into the cyborg monster GeckoGelas who has the power to scale walls and trap people in cocoons!

In Japan, everyone has paper bones.
Shocker's goal this time is to steal the plans by taking the scientist's sister hostage and then force him to build a better heat gun that can take out air planes! Trolling the skies in the worst way possible, that's Shocker for you. Again, due to the actors injury, most of the episode had to be carried out by the supporting cast, mainly Ruriko in this case. She does most of the investigative work in tracking down the scientist who is currently being forced to develop a super weapon. And when things just got a little bit too dangerous with GeckoGelas suddenly appearing, Kamen Rider would just appear out of nowhere to bust some heads in.

The episode wasn't that bad, but it still wasn't as great as the GebaCondor episode. We got roughly 5 minutes worth of Kamen Rider fighting and the rest was all investigative filler. Of course, things are going to get better because I hear episode 13 has a pretty special surprise! Of course, if you ever decide that you want to check out Kamen Rider then please check out KITsubs. They release a new episode every week and are doing everything they can to bring this unknown classic to the masses.


  1. awwww not this again! urgh he looks so ugly

  2. lol jks, I LOVE KAMEN RIDERS and GeckoGelas IS THE BEST KAMEN RIDER OF ALL TIME. i love how he jus suddenly appears to kick some serious butt

  3. i just saw that episode. did not like it as much as the others

  4. Hahaahah when i saw the first picture i laughed very hard :D :D :D gecko rulz

  5. Looks like the cheesy Power rangers from the 90s


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