Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kamen Rider - The Diner

For those who really don't know Kamen Rider, you are missing out on a Japanese phenomenon. Just recently, they opened up a themed diner called "Kamen Rider The Diner" in Japan and it's just crazy!

The restaurant has food and drinks inspired by the long running series itself. Featuring all sorts of dishes, but nothing I would be particularly eager to try (I'm a notoriously picky eater)

I have to admire their attention to detail though, check it out:

It even looks like a Shocker base inside! Now that's pretty cool.

You can check out the diner website here. I'll never get a chance to visit I'm sure, oh well. Looking at pictures is just as fun too!


  1. Would love to have a chance to visit! :)

  2. Food doesn't look too tasty, but the building is cool

  3. wow, that is awesome! I remember having like 5 different kamen rider PS2 games.

  4. Looks pretty cool, but I would avoid the food xD

  5. haha! the one who came up with that should get a prize XD


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