Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kamen Rider - CobraMan, Revived!

Before we get started I must apologize for my absence yesterday, because a certain friend of mine gifted me a certain game on steam and we ended up playing it for 10 hours straight. The game is too fun and I wish I could be playing it now, but my obligations to the blog outweigh my desires to be a useless piece of crap playing video games all day.

Guess who's back?!
At any rate, it's another week so that means we get another Kamen Rider episode! This episode is great because it features the monster from the previous episode. Even though Kamen Rider defeated him last week, CobraMan gets the rare luxury very few "Monsters of the Week" get: a second chance. (Unless we're talking about Power Rangers, those monsters get a second chance each episode for the giant robot fights)

Episode starts off with a lady posting up a sign that says "Buying pets at high prices". Obviously, this lady is a villainous Shocker operative, and is doing what I probably think is the most heinous Shocker scheme yet! She uses the blood of the animals to revive CobraMan and she captures the pet owners to brainwash them into Shocker soldiers! Using the blood of kittens and puppies to revive a monster? That should convince you that Shocker is really, really, REALLY EVIL.
The Final Showdown

With CobraMan's revival, he gets a new power: flame breath! Now this is 100x better than the acid he was spitting in the previous episode. Along with reviving CobraMan, they also revive their previous scheme: to steal JAPAN'S GOLD! All this leads into a thrilling episode of Kamen Rider which was even better than the previous one.

For those who want to check out Kamen Rider for themselves, head on over to KITsubs. It's a fun episode for a fun series that is well worth checking out. Bitch about cheesiness if you want, but you're truly missing out on an experience. Later.


  1. cobraman! just awesome in it's own way

  2. yo man yo i'll give you 20 bucks for that cat

  3. Steam will kill all your time. haha

  4. sooo... what game were you playing?? :P

  5. I'd like to have some of that gold too, and btw, 10 hours straight?

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  6. So i see your still posting about Kamen Rider, my dad used to watch it :)

  7. Playing 10 hours straight a steam game is a classic, well done :D


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