Thursday, April 21, 2011

Intermission: 3DS Impressions!

So, took a break from Raidou today due to unexpectedly receiving a gift from a family member today: A Nintendo 3DS! Wow, what luck...this little handheld is distracting me from making any progress on my backlog!

So far, I haven't played a single 3DS game on it. Rather, I've been messing around with the stuff that's already in the system already, specifically: Face Invaders and AR Games...

I didn't really expect to be wowed by this thing, but I must admit the 3D is pretty cool. I didn't experience any headaches playing the thing, so I must not be a whiny bitch. That's good! I uploaded two pictures...they're pretty bad but that's because my dog isn't very photogenic :/

Seriously, she's so black that I lose her at night, good thing she's not a runner...

My Mii tries to gain her attention, but she just doesn't care...

Well, I somehow managed to waste a day on this thing. I'm very happy with it so far! Looking forward to the virtual console and playing Cave Story on this thing....MUCH LATER of course! Because Raidou Kuzunoha awaits!


  1. Lol, it does seem to many people complain about it.

  2. I think I'll wait about a year to get one. That's a cool dog, is that a chihuahua? I have 5!!

  3. Yeah Im probably getting one soon, for the games though. Not the silly gimmicks.

  4. "She's so black that I lose her at night" HAHAHAH I laughed at the comment! Come check me out,

  5. Jaypower obviously didn't the post, lol... Cat XD
    Nice DOG :)
    And you are so lucky, just getting that from family ='(


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