Thursday, April 14, 2011

Episode 3 - Dark Summoner

Episode 3 is complete, and boy was it a doozy! There wasn't much legwork/fetch quest to do in this episode, instead the entire thing took place in a GOD DAMN MAZE. And trust me, navigating a maze with random battles isn't VERY FUN AT ALL. Because I got lost, I ended up gaining 13 levels in the duration of that maze. At the level 32, you just can walk up and rape the boss.

What was notable about Dark Summoner was the offical debut of Raidou Kuzunoha's "Gary Oak". Who? Mother fucking Rasputin.

You know, that Russian guy. He's the asshole who created that god damn maze and was mysteriously trolling you in the first two chapters as well. Now, they didn't have pokeballs back then to capture demons, so this fucker stores his demons in matryoshka dolls! He has all the answers to what's going on in the story, but he isn't going to tell fact, he's there just to make your day worse! Of course, this isn't the last time I'll see Rasputin, that's for sure! Here's the boss, since it's pretty much the only fight of importance in this episode:

Yeah, that guy had a MUCH harder time because of his demon choice. I'll show you what I used to get through the maze and boss itself:

"A winter fairy of European descent. Normally an innocent creature, but if provoked, he will kill his victim by covering him in snow. It is said that he is the one who leaves those beautiful icy patterns on windows in the morning."

Still Jack Frost! I fused one that is able to use Zan (wind damage) and mabufu (group ice) damage so he's handy to have. He's the demon I have walking around with me because he picks up items at random intervals. Given how items are EXPENSIVE in this game, it's a very handy skill.

"An evil monster of Japanese lore known for its hideous appearance and brute strength. They loot and plunder villages, massacring the townspeople with their iron clubs."

Oni is just pure muscle. He boosts up defense for both Raidou and himself. Very handy to keep around during the bigger random battles.

"A beautiful fairy of Irish lore that yearns for a human man's love. She drains her lovers' lives in return for granting them artistic inspiration."

Leanan Sidhe is a very classy lady. You get her if you fuse two demons of the same class together. So I had to sacrifice Orthrus and Pyro Jack but it was worth it! Given that she has the strongest healing abilities of any of my demons so far, and she immune to damage from everything the boss threw at her, she just makes battles easy. My favorite so far.

Well, I'm almost approaching where I originally stopped playing. As for how many episodes are there? There's 12 of them! I still got a ways to go...but I'm determined to finish this game ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Also, I'd like to see this guy take on Pokemon Trainer Red...


  1. Nostalgic song, and I even like this episode more than #2. I love hack-n-slash games to pass the time, so awesome post. :)

  2. Looks like a good game, going to have to pick it up!

  3. cool post and blog man. followed.

  4. pretty cool song...
    Leanan is such a bad ass, you get her if you fuse two demons? that´s cool and scary!

  5. Pokeballs would be so much more efficient. He hasn't upgraded yet?

  6. Pokemon trainer would be too much for this guy

  7. Awesome song, and great post as standard!

  8. Never saw this game before! Nice one
    Following you!

  9. Wow, I love thes shin megani tensei posts of yours... They make me want to play the games again :D Thanks for the information =D


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