Saturday, April 16, 2011

Episode 4 - The Case of the Missing Shipments

And here we go...I'm a bit late with this because I've been busy acting like a jackass all day, the constant grinding and demon fusing slowed me down too, but I managed to finish before the day was done. At the very least, this was a fun little chapter with some funny bits involving Gouto the talking cat. Of course this episode ended with a surprising twist involving everyone's favorite Russian monk: Rasputin!

This is the first time you get to take him on one-on-one and the party gets crazy when he starts bringing his god damn matryoshka dolls and sends them after you...

For those that are wondering, a matryoshka doll is one of those things I posted above. Durr...I suppose this episode was pretty short, but I spent far too long just raising the levels of my demons and trying out many different fusing combinations. Let's see the demons I ended up with in this episode now, shall we?

"Okuninushi (大国主) is a Kunitsugami and former ruler of Izumo, until Ninigi took over. In compensation he was made ruler of the unseen realm of spirits and magic. He's said to be the God of Nation-building, Business, and Medicine."

Okuninushi is a pretty tall guy and my latest ice demon. He was pretty to handy to have. Powerful ice spells, good melee ability, healing potential, and the ability to reduce random battles encounters via his "intimidate" skill made him pretty handy to have during this episode.

"Shiva’s first consort in Hindu myth, she threw herself into a sacrificial fire in protest of the father’s treatment of Shiva. Reborn as Parvati, she was reunited with Shiva."

Sati was the result of a whole lot of fusing shenanigans. Truth is, I just kept her around for the eye candy. But she's actually pretty good in battle too! I reluctantly fused her to make Okuninushi, but I brought her back via the demon compendium. Cost half my money though.

"An insect demon that takes the form of a woman with her hands tied behind her back. It arose from the hatred of a girl named Okiku, who was falsely convicted of a crime and executed. Note that this Okiku is different from the Okiku of the Bancho Sarayashiki, but they are often seen as the same person."

Oh...oh god....nobody even wanted to draw Okiku-mushi.....uh, she can charm enemy demons, cause group damage, and she can read minds...I ended up using her more than I thought really...

"Oboroguruma means 'gloom cart' and was first seen on the streets of Kamo, Japan. It is a spirit being that is manifested from the grudges and negative energy of those that have died during disputes over vehicles. It appears during dark and foggy nights when all that can be heard is the creaking of its wheels, and should anyone be foolish enough to investigate, they are met by the grotesque visage of the Oboroguruma.

It was originally said to be the vengeful ghost of a lady killed over an ox-carriage, and it appeared as a carriage with a huge misshapen woman's face. Other variations of the story have been told in modern Japanese urban legend involving more modern vehicles."

Hells yeah, Oboroguruma! That crazy car I fought back at episode 2 is now mine to use! Run over demons, mazio spells AND increase my attack power? F*** YES YOU'RE THE BEST DEMON CAR EVER!

Yes, Leanan Sidhe! I'm going to cry when I eventually fuse her with something. Rasputin can't even HURT HER! And with her around, she makes sure nothing can even put a dent in Raidou's health. I honestly should be using her more than I am right now as I only use her on tough fights...

Well, I'm like...exhausted as I had a busy day today. I'll be sure to see what you guys are up to tomorrow though! Until then...later!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, great post!

  2. exhausted is the right word, thanks for sharing. :)

  3. "Naww, no you're the best demon car R.C"

    You're making me want to play this game even more, must hold off!

  4. READINNNGngngngnGNGGNgNGNGNgN! I cant stop laughing!

  5. are those the vases from sourcerers apprentice?

  6. Nice post dude, your posts are always so thorough.

  7. nice read, rest up so I can look forward to another one :D

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