Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Episode 11 - Mission to Space

Great episode! Not much in the gameplay department, but the plot is nearing it's conclusion!

Overall, this episode was short. Mission to space is all about Raidou and friends trying to build a rocket in order to destroy a satellite powering a rampaging soulless god. At this point of the story, Rasputin is no longer a problem as he much prefers to flirt with women in bars during what is quite possibly the end of Japan as they know it.

Rasputin actually helps you out now that his contract is up. How nice given that he was always trying to kill you during the early parts of the game. The episode ends on a tragic note, however, with the loss of a certain character who sacrifices himself to ensure the mission's success. Don't watch the next video if you don't want spoilers!


Tomorrow will be the last episode for sure in this long ordeal of a game! Look forward to it.


  1. Rasputin looks like someone from The Beatles.

  2. Loving it so far dude, I think I missed 7, 8 and 9 though, better go check 'em out

  3. i will definetly be looking foreward to it

  4. ah, the feeling of almost finishing a game :D


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