Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Episode 6 - Secret of Five Fudou

WELL THAT WAS EASY! This episode was a joke compared to Episode 5, not factoring in my super elite MLG skills of course! Which is a bit sad since there's not exactly much to talk about, there's no major fights in this episode and it can pretty much be completed in 10 minutes if you knew exactly where to go. Really this episode was just a transition to episode 7 where some major stuff is about to go down....PROBABLY!

No interesting fights to show, but enjoy the town music that plays ALL THE TIME when you're running around investigating stuff! But I'm sure you're wondering what I did in this episode besides idle like jackass on the status screen. Well, the most important things I did in this episode was pick up a package, escort a girl around town, talk to some yakuza, drink a soda, buy some ammo clips, set an old lady on fire, and dig around in dirt. Nothing special, unless we're talking about the plot here but that would be spoilers! OH NO!

At least I got one demon to show you guys:

"Izanami sent them after Izanagi at Yomotsu Hirasaka, the entrance to the Yomi, the Japanese land of shadows. The army of these monsters is led by Yomotsu-Shikome."

Ikusa is an odd sort, I've just been using him in battles to max out his loyalty. Not really that helpful but whatever. Sometimes, certain demons are just fodder for fusing! 'Tis the fate of Ikusa...

Looking forward to doing the write up for episode 7 tomorrow!

And now something different, turns out this game has a prequel novel written for it called: "Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Messenger of the Dead". I assume the "Messenger of the Dead" is Colonel Sanders grinning menacingly in the background. Who could ever trust such a guy?



  1. Just started following this myself, is awesome ;D

  2. looks like a pretty sweet series!

  3. great post! keep up the good work

  4. Nice, I didn't get very far in this game though..

  5. nice ill probly check this show out bro

  6. Thanks for sharing. These are awesome finds

  7. Haha I carried on following the story mate. I'll continue tomorrow.


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