Thursday, April 28, 2011

Episode 12 - Bonds Between Us

We did it, we're finally here. The final episode everybody! I got to say, I never thought I'd get the opportunity to actually get this far, but here we are....

The story could have easily ended at episode 11, but the game writers decided to throw a wrench into things and suddenly reminded you of what you set out to do since the beginning: Rescue the dame!

Raidou's journey traverse both space and time, in what might be, the lengthiest and most difficult episode of them all. As you enter the dungeon, you'll find yourself travelling through time starting from the 1930s all the way to 2050 onwards! Heavy references to the events of other Shin Megami Tensei games are referred to, and you might miss a good deal of them without even knowing it! There is also a high enemy encounter rate, so you are more than guaranteed to run into a fight every 10 steps or so. And if you think that's bad? Well, be prepared to fight every boss you encountered since the start of the game! Only HARDER!

The final boss? Yeah, it was awesome. Raidou is stronger than a god, so says the final boss. Really, you'll be fighting off all sorts of crazy stuff and then laying the smackdown on all sorts of things. Truly a battle worthy of an end boss fight. But was it difficult? Well...not for me. I've been stockpiling all the items I gathered since the start of the game so I had plenty of ammo to go all out on the fight. You know I only used on demon on it. And that was Belial. For a demon right out of hell and the bible, he sure was a bro. For those that are curious, here's a medley of all the final boss's three forms. A bit spoilery, of watch at your own risk. You'll still have no idea of the plot leading up to it, so I guess it's alright!

I have to say, I had a lot of fun with this game. A hard-boiled detective mystery featuring government conspiracies, mythological beings, and a talking cat turned out quite well! I must thank you guys for following this blog while I pushed myself to finish a game I might not have finished otherwise. Even though I could clearly tell a lot of you hated this game from the comments!

So what's the plan after this? We'll see's definitely not going to be a New game plus run through I GUARANTEE YOU THAT!

Until then, later!


  1. I'll have to check this out, looks cool.

  2. that final battle song is awesome


  4. that is ichigo's mask isn't it? :D


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