Sunday, April 24, 2011

Episode 9 - The Two Summoners

Better. MUUUUCH BETTER. After the headache that was episode 8, this episode proved much more enjoyable. As the last episode ended, Raidou was thrown into an alternate universe where he meets his alternate self with a bad-ass scar. You'd think there would be some epic fight between the two, but obviously neither Raidou is an idiot. The two, instead, try to find a way to send our Raidou back from where he came. So today featured a rather enjoyable series of 3 boss fights, that were tough but fair given how far I have progressed in this game. There was one tricky puzzle, but the game decided to make the zone enemy-free so you can solve it in peace, it actually wasn't as hard as I thought it might be, only took a little bit of thought!

Orochi is the 3rd boss of the area. His ice spell will hurt you if you get too close to smack him with your sword, and his little friends are all over the place trying to make your day worse by buffing him. I found this fight amusing compared to the one in the previous episode.

I got two new demons during my time in this episode. Let's check them out:

"A warrior queen of the Land of Shadows in Celtic lore. She taught the Irish hero Cu Chulainn the art of war, and gave him the spear Gae Bolg."

Scathach is a fun one. I fused Triglav and Rakshasa to get her. I got her pretty late in, so I haven't had a chance to see what she really can do. Let's hope she's good...

"This beautiful goddess of love is one of Shiva's wives in Hindu mythology. She won Shiva's love, overcoming his asceticism."

Hey it's Parvati. Part of the volt class, she specializes in electric attacks like spark and has the healing skill media, which heals both Raidou and herself at the same time. She has a motherly attitude in this game, and enjoys talking down to you as if you're her son. "Don't overeat while I'm out". Overall, I'm liking her a lot so far.

Now this episode is over, we are fast approaching the end of the game. Expect the conclusion sometime this week. I'm looking forward to the end myself!


  1. Scathach looks badass, I hope she is.

  2. it always feels rewarding when a game torments you one second and is the best game ever the next

  3. "There was one tricky puzzle, but the game decided to make the zone enemy-free so you can solve it peace"
    That sounds extremely nice of them. I hate games where you're trying to solve a puzzle but actually being attacked by stuff at the same time.

  4. looks like scathach could be useful...
    I want to see the end so bad, but then again I don't want to spoil it to myself XD

  5. This looks so sweet, awesome progress ;D

  6. thanks for getting us updated with another episode.


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