Sunday, April 24, 2011

Episode 8 - The Demon and the Steel Tower

My eyes hurt, I'm exhausted, I never want to play this episode again. This episode was in a word: infuriating. Most of my woes are self-inflicted, however, as I spent the early part of this episode grinding and demon fusing which was not only time consuming but VERY expensive. And then, when I felt confident in my abilities to handle anything this episode could throw at me, the game treats me to a maze! OH BOY! I SURE LIKE BACKTRACKING AND RUNNING INTO A RANDOM BATTLE EVERY OTHER STEP! But you know, that's not even the worst of it. Nope. The boss at the end makes everything else seem like a walk in the park!

Oh wait, uh....basic plot of this episode? Uh, Raidou investigates a radio tower. Stuff happens. RAPE. Rasputin appears. And that's pretty much it. Really, let's just move on to the boss....

Hardest boss by a mile so far. For one, Leanan Sidhe I couldn't use, because she would betray me thanks to the boss's "curse bolt" which effectively "charms" her so she would HEAL THE BOSS. It's bad enough that this boss hits hard, but he also has a ton of HP. I spent quite a long time fighting this boss and each time a demon would heal him, it would make my job that much harder. Yeah, this wasn't very fun at all...but hey NEW DEMONS!

"The king of the Naga, a half-man, half-snake tribe in Hindu myth. The dragon kings Nanda and Takshaka of Buddhist myth fall into this royal category."

Hells yeah! Anarchy in the capital! Raja Naga is the latest ice demon, he helped a lot in the boss fight until he started HEALING IT! Not cool, bro.

"Triglav is a god or complex of gods in Slavic mythology, similar in nature to the Trinity in Christianity. Triglav is a unity of three gods. The exact members of the triad vary by place and time. An early variation included Svarog, Perun, and Dajbog. Later, Dajbog was replaced by Svetovid or Veles. Triglav is usually described as a fusion of these gods. More rarely he is said to be their son. It may also be a unity of lesser gods (Lesser Triglav)."

Triglav is great. He's immune to bullets, does great physical damage, and is a great healer as well! Which is why I didn't use him :(

"Japanese god of words, thought to be the deification of echoes. Said to proclaim good and bad in a single word, and all words uttered by him come true."

Hitokotonushi is immune to death spells and bullets, has a powerful wind spell and a great healer to boot which means...OH CRAP I CAN'T USE HIM ON THE BOSS EITHER! CURSE MY DESIRE FOR DEMONS WITH HEALING ABILITIES!

"The demon Nebiros was first mentioned by Johann Wier in 1583. He is supposedly the most valiant Marquis of Hell, has nineteen legions of demons under his command."

Ah, now here we go! Nebiros isn't immune to bullets at all! Oh but he's immune to physical attacks, has an instant kill spell, increases magical defense, and he doesn't have a healing spell...PERFECT FOR THE BOSS! Things were much easier with this guy...though much slower in progress...

I'm glad this is over with. Hopefully episode 9 would be less of a pain to deal with.



  1. i can't help but imagine that it would really suck to have your bottom half be... a snake

  2. but on the other side, it would be better then to have your top half be a snake...

  3. I think it would be cool to be half snake! You could slither around and whip people...

  4. I don't like snakes so I would want any part of me being a snake.

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