Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Episode 5 - Confrontation

And I'm back. I admit I've been putting off this chapter for a bit, but I sucked it up and kept keeping on! Why? This is the chapter I stopped playing the game almost two years because of a really irritating fetch quest where you have to find 10 pieces of notebook paper scattered throughout this one area. The whole thing was just irritating if you didn't have the right demon and the frequent random battles didn't help alleviate the problems either. But I decided to deal with it today, and overall it wasn't so bad! Let's have a look at the boss fight of this episode, shall we?

Overall, its one of the more challenging fights I've come across, but Leanan Sidhe still keeps things easy! Seriously, I only bring her out on boss fights, and she still manages to keep me alive along with herself.

Another interesting thing about this episode, is that I've ran across a LOT of zombies. More zombies than in any other episode, two zombies were actually nice and helped you find the 10 pieces of paper needed to advance through the story. And other zombies were smart enough to run away when they saw Raidou coming. Oh yeah, some of them had guns too....truly scary....not really, Raidou still wrecks their stuff any day...well, enough about that. In the duration of this episode, I just used the same demons as I did the previous one! But let's check out two new ones!

"Incarnations of long-lived cats in Japanese mythology. They have various powers, including human speech and control over the dead."

Nekomata is what you'd pretty much expect. An agile character who can charm demons to fight on your side temporarily or put them to sleep...or just slap them around a bit. Not much in support, but she's fun to have around...

"In Japanese mythology, a Utai-gaikotsu is a monster born when the negative energy of a person who was subject to a particularly violent murder possesses the remains of that person's skull. The Utai-gaikotsu then seeks revenge on its killer by making up a song detailing its death, and singing it repeatedly to either drive its killer insane or alert others to what happened to it."

This guy, OH MAN! Utai-gaikotsu is just awesome. For one thing, it's a giant floating skull that is bigger than you: running around with him in public is hilarious as it almost seems like he's trying to eat you like a skeleton pac-man! Oh and he can fly, read minds, freeze opponents and keep me healed...cool! This game has no shortage of awesome demons, that's for sure.

Well, I'm glad I'm got through this episode because I've now ventured father into the game that I originally have before. Let's hope this game pulls through with some great episodes down the line!



  1. Glad you're back!
    How many episodes will there be?

  2. Good question, to my knowledge there is a total of 12 episodes.

  3. it's always a great feeling when you finish a chapter that you've previously given up on.

    keep it up!

  4. Is there a dodge/block button? It just looks like you're spamming attacks, though that seems to be enough.

  5. this stuff was a lot of effort? nice work.

  6. great post as always. please keep it up!

  7. This is really cool! I'm loving this

  8. Welcome back dude. This blog is very unique in its presentation and I was worried you would never return to keep it alive!

  9. Eugh, fetch quests! The bane of my existence...

  10. @Lhosreiff: Not sure if you'd read this comment or not but yes there is a block! The guy in the video doesn't use it and as a result he ends up wasting a lot of healing items. I didn't use a single thing.

    But yes, the blocking button is very useful as it can block attacks that give status effects.


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